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Message from Your Prayer Ministry…


Have you ever asked:  "Why doesn't God answer my prayers?" ..."Doesn't He see my needs?" ..."Doesn't He care about me?"  Be assured that God knows your needs before you even ask (Matthew 6:8) He cares about you  (I Peter 5:7, Ephesians 5:29, Nahum 1:7, Psalm 55:22 and Jeremiah 29:11), and hears every prayer.

Sometimes the answer is "YES".

Sometimes the answer is "NO" or he chooses to answer in a way we have not considered.

God sees the bigger picture of our lives.  He may say “No” because what you are asking is not the best thing for you.   He can see the negative things that will occur if he were to give you what you are asking.  Often, He has something better in mind.  If God doesn't give us what we are asking for, we must remember that he has a good plan and a purpose for everything in our lives and he only wants the very best for us.  He is looking at everything from an eternal perspective.  Our time on earth is meant to prepare us for eternity.  God cares about our physical needs, but he is infinitely more concerned about our spiritual needs and growth. This is where knowing God's character and knowing His promises are so important.  When we have faith and trust in Him, then we can rest knowing that He hears our prayers, sees our needs and is faithful to answer according to His will.

Sometimes, the answer is "WAIT". 

There is value in waiting.  There are many lessons to learn in our periods of waiting.  There are so many examples in the bible, of those who had to wait, sometimes for a very prolonged period, before they saw God's promises fulfilled and their prayers answered.  God is never late or early.  He is always t on time.    But in our humanness, it is easy to grow weary, discouraged, frustrated and impatient in our times of waiting.   If we trust God and take Him at his word, we know that He wants only the best for us and it is worth not rushing ahead or trying to force things or make them happen in our own time.

If you are feeling like God does not answer your prayers because He doesn't care about you, or your needs... that is a lie from the enemy and you need to remember what God says...  then believe it and trust that His word is true.